This is an excerpt of a post I published at Radio Days, a website commemorating the 20-year anniversary of a legendary Pirate broadcast.

What started out as an island broadcast aboard a Chinese Junk in the California Delta, morphed into a wild bus ride through Slab City to a snowy Thanksgiving in the mountains of Arizona, and eventually (inevitably?) landed in Humboldt County, California.

We set up shop in the attic of a place called the Earth Church, and began broadcasting 24/7. Almost instantly, dozens of DJ’s signed up and we made a scene (Club Risque—what station does THAT?). Our “Mutiny on the Mad” benefit concert drew hordes, and even the Mayor of Arcata made a speech. We had the loving support of an entire community.

Multiple visits from the FCC didn’t deter us, and in what may have been our grandest undertaking, we took a group of renegade reporters to the WTO protest in Seattle and broadcast live from the front lines of one of the most massive, chaotic events of our generation. Read full article…