Will Kersten

Freelance Writer | Content Creator

It’s great to have Will as part of the team. He’s really helped to take our level of writing and overall content up a notch!

—Kaitlin McMillan, Washington State Director, DOPE Magazine

Trying to find a blogger that meets deadlines, proofs his work impeccably, and doesn’t require 24/7 hand-holding is nearly impossible. Enter Will Kersten: passionate about the product, excited about the burgeoning business, and writes from a real life perspective. At 2020 Solutions we like to have fun. We also have high standards. Will Kersten makes a perfect fit.

—Tami Johnson, Director of Marketing, 2020 Solutions


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My Services


Having a blog is essential to any content marketing strategy. Regular, well-written posts keep your search rankings high, drive traffic to your site, and ultimately put people in front of your product or service.

Writing original, reader-friendly content is my specialty. My mission to my readers is to give them something they value. My mission to my clients is to inspire those readers to take a step—”stop in,” “sign up,” “try this.”

Print Media

It’s everywhere—from billboards on busses, to posters tacked up on telephone poles. And it takes a certain set of tools to effectively to pull it off.

There’s page layout, copyright law, and typography, to name a few. Most importantly, you need a natural instinct for what drives people.

I have years of professional experience in all of these areas, and I’m proud to put it to use in the cannabis industry!



Social Media

The constant feedback from your social media fans lets you know exactly who they are—what they love, what they don’t (what’s working, what’s not)—all while steering them toward a goal. This is marketing gold! But you have to stay on top of it.

My social media services include daily updates, interaction with fans, and profile management. I can also help with setting up your social media accounts. Don’t have a Youtube channel? Let’s fix that!

Proofreading & Editing

I’ll admit it. I obsess over grammar, and fixate on flow. I’m a seasoned proofreader with lots of experience on both ends of the editing process.

Tightening your prose will improve your writing, and deliver your message more effectively.

Looking for a spelling-and-grammar once-over? Or maybe you need a deep-level structural edit for flow and clarity. Either way, get in touch—I’m one of those people who loves to edit!